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Hardware and Software Repair

Our capable technicians can fix hard drives, network cards, DVD drives, CDRW drives, printers, scanners, modems, and any other peripheral equipment that needs attention. We can also address any software problems. We'll make sure all of your programs are compatible and make those annoying error messages disappear

Data Recovery

Are you missing data due to hard drive failure? Don't worry; all may not be lost. Our techs use the latest diagnostic and recovery techniques to find and restore your files. We can also teach you how to conduct regular backups to prevent future disasters.

Upgrades on Hardware and Software

If your computer is running slowly or you've run out of room to save documents, music and photos, We can help. We can add memory, upgrade your hard drive or help you determine when it's time for a new computer. We also upgrade operating systems, anti-virus software and other programs.


We're happy to install any hardware-be it a router, a hard drive or a whole new computer-whether you bought it from us or somebody else. Our technicians can also install any new software and teach you how to use it.

Preventive Maintenance

Doctor ICT's staff are pros at removing unneeded programs and junkware from your system, keeping your virus definitions up to date and making backups of your important files. These maintenance measures are the computer equivalent of flossing: you know you should do them, but do you? We'll help you come up with a painless plan to help you keep your system running as smoothly as possible-and avoid major problems down the line.

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